Abby Frucht


Abby Frucht is the author of two short story collections: Fruit of the Month, for which she received the Iowa Short Fiction Prize in 1987, and The Bell at the End of a Rope (Narrative Library, 2012). She has also written six novels: Snap; Licorice; Are You Mine?; Life before Death; Polly’s Ghost; and A Well-Made Bed (Red Hen Press, 2016), on which she collaborated with her friend and colleague Laurie Alberts. Frucht has served as mentor and advisor for more than 25 years at Vermont College of Fine Arts. She lives in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Her first book of poetry, Maids, tells the story of Abby’s efforts to speak to and about the women employed by her parents as “maids” when she and her sisters were girls on Long Island in the 1960s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.