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A Box Set

Nikki Kallio and Michael Hopkins, two writers with strong connections to the Mill, wrote short stories that placed second and third, respectively, in a recent contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters. That organization's publication, the Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine, has published those stories in its Spring 2020 issue.

Nikki Kallio, a teacher long-associated with the Mill, wrote "Spirit Box," which took second place in the contest. Michael Hopkins, long-time Mill Board member, wrote "Mirror Box," which took the third-place prize. You can follow along as he reads his story here.

Both writers have first-place finishes for stories written for the contest in recent years. Kallio's "Geography Lesson" placed first in the 2015 contest. Hopkins's "Static" took a first in 2018.

We congratulate both writers.

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