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Books, Used; Books, Read

Used books sold in bookshops are books that have been read, though not necessarily all of them, of course, but a goodly share, certainly. "Frank's Used Books," a short story by writer and Mill board member, Michael Hopkins, is a bookshop where books have been recommended and read. The story is published in the September edition of Moss Piglet.

Leo, a long-time customer of Frank's, enters the shop for his weekly visit and conversation with Frank. Frank's business manager sits behind the counter and delivers the news that Frank has died. He also informs Leo the shop will be sold and retrieves a sealed envelope from a shoebox filled with such envelopes and hands one to Leo, telling him not to open it until he gets home. Leo sets the envelope on the mantel of his fireplace but never opens it. After he dies twenty years later, his son and daughter-in-law discover it. What Frank wrote to Leo twenty years ago, well, it's a bit of a mystery. Perhaps you will find out what that is.

Moss Piglet is produced by Krazines, located in southeast Wisconsin. The zine is hosted at issuu.com/krazines.

(Photo of a tower of used books by Jorge Royan, used under CC license)

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