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Call for Poems

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and Bent Paddle Press have called for poems that reflect our lived experience during this time of pandemic and social distancing. The WFOP desires poems that give voice to our fears and frustrations, as well as our hopes for the future. Selected poems will be published in an anthology edited by Kathleen Serley, Bruce Dethlefsen, and Angela Voras-Hills.

The contagion has caused, as of June 25, 2020, nearly 9.5 million confirmed infections globally, with almost 483,000 deaths. The United States alone has over 2.3 million confirmed infections and nearly 122,000 deaths.

The fears and frustrations in the U.S. occur amidst the civil unrest caused by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a policeman on May 25th. How that horrific incident and the ensuing worldwide protests that resulted meld, or don't meld, into your writing only you can determine.

The deadline for submitting your poems is August 15, 2020. Submission details can be found here.

(This article was edited for accuracy and more up-to-date information on 6/25/2020.)

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