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Here in the hinterlands, where a Chicagoland acquaintance tells me I live, it may sometimes seem we are so far from the arts, and all that they touch, that we may as well reside in Greenland (sometimes winter can feel like that). Well, Northeast Wisconsin may be no Chicago, but we're not Greenland either. Besides, there are ways to stay connected to the larger world, or to each other, whether you live in Appleton or Chicago (or Greenland for that matter), especially in this time of uncertainty and contagion. What is one way of doing that? Get notifications when new posts are published here at Millwriters.

It's easy to start receiving them. Go to any individual blog post like this one, find the Login/Sign up button in the upper right corner (or a link at bottom of the page), click it, and fill out as much of the form as you're comfortable with, and save. From then on, you'll be notified when we post something new to any of our pages. Added benefit: you can leave comments on any post.

Stay in touch, then. With us.

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