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Get Walloped!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Yup, thrust the ol' mandible out there and let Wallop: Untold Stories in a Lo-Fi Style throw a punch. You'll never eat the same thing or chew the same way again, and your brain will thank you for it. Wallop, a local zine, was created by Fox Valley residents Sarah Venaccio and Meredith Mason, and has just published its second issue. Its theme is Mistakes. Yes, you heard that right---Mistakes. I know---a theme we can all identify with. Leastways me. (Come on, now, it's also a club that includes you.)

The zine publishes stories (fiction and creative nonfiction), poetry, and artwork (photos, drawings, comics) devoted to a single theme. Here's a taste from the first issue (theme---growing up in Northeast Wisconsin), from the poem "Farmicide," by Katie Chicquette-Adams: "When does worry set in? At the first sign of rust along the seam / of the gleaming silo? Maybe there's a saturation level / of rough luck and bad breaks---droughts, floods, bottomed-out prices, / diabetes, depression, disappointments---that causes the real anxiety / to settle in around the land, around the house---a kind of farmicide. . . ."

Yup, Wallop knows how to throw a punch. You can purchase either issue or both here ($5 each).The zine is now accepting submissions for its third issue. Its theme? Adventures. Deadline: January 1, 2021.

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