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Open Mic: Unlock Poem; Create Video

COVID-19 has forced the suspension of poetry readings sponsored by Poetry Unlocked and held monthly at The Draw in Appleton, Wisconsin. Not so, however, the organization's open mic readings; there's still a way to participate. You may not personally attend a reading and recite your poem, but you may make a video of your poem and send it to Poetry Unlocked, which may then upload the piece to its Facebook site.

To participate, follow these rules (taken from Poetry Unlocked's email):

1. Make a short video recording of you reading one of your own poems or the poem of someone you love. Two minutes MAX. This does not need to be professional-grade. Turn your smart phone on yourself and have fun with it. In the video:

a. Say your name and where you’re from.

b. Say the title of your poem.

c. Read the poem.

d. OPTIONAL: Include a BRIEF snippet about the poem or about you.

2. Submit your video to PoetryUnlockedNEW@gmail.com.

a. In the subject line of your video, include Your Name and the Title of the Poem.

b.OPTIONAL: In the body of your email, include a very brief bio and/or a link to your personal website if you have one.

Deadline: We will post videos as they come in and/or as time permits, through April 30. Any videos received after April 30, 2020 will not be considered.


1. Poetry Unlocked will screen your submission for length, content, quality of the work. While we will try to honor our Open Mic forum of inclusivity, we reserve the right to NOT post all submissions.

2. We’ve never tried this before. We may fail miserably. We reserve the right to scrap this idea in its entirety.

Turn on your phone's video and record your poem. After all, April is National Poetry Month. Join the fun!

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