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Fox Cities' Poets Interviewed

Nathan J. Reid, for the Council for Wisconsin Writers, has been conducting a series of video interviews with Wisconsin poets called the "Poetry Month Film Series" (April was national poetry month; the interview series was extended through May). Several of the interviews have featured poets who reside in the Fox Cities and/or have a connection to the Mill.

Tom Montag, poet and Mill teacher, talks of where he gets his inspiration from. His latest publications are a collection of poems entitled Seventy at Seventy and a chapbook called "The River Will Tell You." The latter uses a Nebraska river and the area surrounding it as its setting. You can watch Tom's interview here.

Cathy Chicquette Adams, an Appleton educator and poet, has been writing poetry for the past few years. She gets her inspiration from her students and the poets and audience at Poetry Unlocked readings at the Draw. Storycatchers and her own personal experiences also helped propel her to write poetry. Watch her interview here.

Former Mill board member Elizabeth Keggi has been writing poetry since she was in the fourth grade. Her teacher at the time gave her much encouragement and submitted one of Elizabeth's poems to the New York State teachers' journal, where it was published. "That was catnip," says Keggi. Her interview is here.

Dg Clearing, a poet from Menasha, has done a variety of things, perhaps chief among them large-scale photography. He'd always written---some technical writing, grants, plays, a journal---but came to poetry in his mid-fifties when his wife, because of her job, had to be away for several weeks. He wrote her a love poem every day. See his interview here.

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