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Three More Virtual Classes Added

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The Mill has added three more virtual classes to its roster, for a total, now, of four. View all four classes on our Classes page.

The first class listed is the one posted previously: Nurture Your Writing: 10 Tips for the Care and Feeding of Your Creativity, taught by Laura Winkelspecht. It's a one-session event and already has six spaces filled. Two spaces are left.

The second shown is Introductory Session: Lessons Seven Poets Can Teach Us, taught by Tom Montag. It's a one-session, preliminary class tied to the third class displayed on the site.

That third class is Lessons Seven Poets Can Teach Us, taught by Tom Montag. This is an eight-session class and delves much more deeply into the Seven Poets than the introductory class.

Fourth is 'The Comfort We Get Used To': On Rereading Virginia Woolf During a Pandemic. Emily Bowles is teaching this one-session class.

The last three classes listed were added today, Aug. 25.

Again, you can view all of the details for each class on our Classes page.

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