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WFOP Announces Winners of Triad Contest

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

The Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets has announced the winners and placers of its 2020 Triad Contest. The Triad Contest consists of three contests: one called the Theme Award; a second, the Poet's Choice Award; and a third, the Kay Saunders Emerging Poet Award. To participate in the Triad Contest, poets must be members of the WFOP in good standing. The poets who won or placed in the three contests follow:

2020 Triad Contest Winners

Theme (Humor)

  • 1st place: Thomas J. Erickson for "The Lawyer and the Thief"

  • 2nd Place: Nancy Jesse for "Homage to a Problematic Yet Noble Vegetable"

  • 3rd Place: Ed Block for "Florida Man"

  • Honorable Mention: Elizabeth K. Keggi for "Spiders"

Poet’s Choice

  • 1st Place: *Emily Bowles for "My Monstrous"

  • 2nd Place: Sandra Lindow for "The sound of the bell as it leaves the bell"

  • 3rd: Cathyrn Cofell for "As His Way in the World Leads to College"

  • Honorable Mentions: Margaret Rozga for "Conjugating Pronouns"

  • Jackie Langetieg for "At the Kitchen Table"

  • James Roberts for "The Smile in His Eyes"

Kay Saunders Emerging Poet

  • 1st Place: Robert Kokan for "Doves in the Rafters"

  • 2nd Place: Kathleen Hayes Phillips for "My prayer flags are flying again"

  • 3rd Place: Patricia McNamee Rosenberg for "Chicago Summer 1968"

  • Honorable Mentions: Amy Phimister for "Old Violins"

  • Mike Gadzik for "Walking Beside the Fox River with my Daughter on a Sunday"

  • Erna Kelly for "Grass"

Congratulations to all!

*Ms. Bowles (congratulations, Emily) is also an instructor at The Mill and is offering a two-hour session on BIPOC women's poetry on Sunday, Nov. 8th, from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. See our Classes page for more details.

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